About the TicketsCAD project

The project was started by Arnie Shore back in 2006 after recognizing the need for a FREE, open source CAD system after the 2004 Florida hurricanes, and has been indevelopment ever since. Along the way he has picked up a few straglers that endeavor to help him as much as possible, and now there are a total (currently) of 5 dedicated volunteers on the project, frome different parts of the globe.

The 2 primary developers, and driving forces, behind the project are Arnie Shore, located in the USA and Andy Harvey, located in the UK.

We also have 2 documentation writers/testers, one on the "left" coast of the USA and one in Canada, as well as our webmaster/hosting/server admin, Kevin, also located in the USA.

If you have any questions or would like to contact us, just visit our Contact page!